Service Agreement

What's Included 

1. Salary: Our service pricing encompasses comprehensive coverage for professional salaries, ensuring no additional costs beyond the agreed-upon service payment.
2. Visa: Visa expenses for our professionals are incorporated into our service pricing.
3. Medical Insurance: Comprehensive medical insurance is provided to prioritize the well-being of our dedicated professionals.
4. Air Ticket: Cost-effective airfare for regular home visits is facilitated to maintain family connections.
5. Leave Salary: Our commitment extends to supporting our professionals during scheduled leaves with a budget-friendly leave salary.
6. End-of-service benefit: Acknowledging and rewarding dedication, the company takes full responsibility for providing gratuity and as a token of appreciation.
7. Professional Replacement: Seamlessly manage agent replacements with our user-friendly app feature, enabling you to initiate and execute agent replacements effortlessly, putting control at your fingertips.
8. Accommodation: Accommodation fees are not included in existing rates. The provision of accommodation is contingent upon the choice made by the customer during the booking process. If the customer opts to provide accommodation, no additional charges will be applied (i.e., additional charges will be 0 AED). However, an extra fee will be incurred based on the selected service if the customer chooses not to provide accommodation.

9)Hold, Pause, Temporary Suspension of Services: Kindly note that our pricing is determined based on the duration of the selected services, Therefore, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate requests to hold, pause, or temporarily suspend the services. It is mandatory for you to avail the services from the agreed start date until the end date, in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the service agreement. If you wish to terminate the service at the end of the agreed service date, we cannot guarantee the availability of the same professional if you decide to continue in the future when you return to the country.
9.1) Service Termination: In order to discontinue a service that has been used for a period of one month or more, we kindly request that you provide us with a 30-day notice in advance. Please note that there will be no charges associated with terminating the service. We will refund the refundable base rate (excluding taxes, payment fees, service fees, and other fees) and credit it to your maidsfactory Wallet balance. This refunded amount can be used for alternative services within the App. However, if you choose to withdraw the amount instead of using it for other services, please be aware that then only a 10% withdrawal fee will be deducted and the remaining balance will be credited to your Bank account/Card.
10. Recruitment fees: The Company covers recruitment fees during the hiring process.
11. Working Days: One Day weekly OFF to be provided for the professional working more than a week & Above.
12. Duty Meal Provision: Clients are required to provide a duty meal to the first-party service professional.
13. First Aid Provision: Clients shall provide First Aid treatment during duty hours.
14. Work Location: The first-party service professional operates within the UAE only.
15. Communication Channels: Communication between the First and Second parties can occur via personal means, calls, and emails.
17. VAT: 5% VAT will be effectively applied to payments made after January 1, 2018, as per the UAE Ministry of Finance regulations.
18. Tax Invoice Issuance: The Second Party can request the First Party to send a TAX Invoice each month after the service is completed.
19. Governing Laws: The Parties agree to comply with the laws, regulations, decrees, and rules applicable in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, and all directions and guidelines by any Competent Authority from time to time. The Parties also agree to hold each other harmless if any changes in such laws, directions, or guidelines have a bearing on any provision of this Agreement.
20. Arbitration Agreement: In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the parties, the parties shall use their best endeavors to settle such dispute or differences through arbitration by the rules of Dubai Courts if not resolved within thirty days.

21. Lost or Damaged Items: We are dedicated to professionally and respectfully addressing any concerns or issues. However, the company cannot be held responsible for any resultant losses or damages.

                                         Non-Disclosure, Non-Solicitation & Non-Compete Agreement:
I). Each Party agrees not to disclose the existence or content of this Contract to any third party without the prior written consent of the other Party, except: (i) to its advisors, attorneys, or auditors who need to know such information, (ii) as required by law or court order, (iii) as required in connection with the restructuring of a Party, or its merger into any other corporation, or the sale by a Party of all or substantially all of its properties or assets, or (iv) as may be required in connection with the enforcement of this Agreement.
II). During the contract and until termination, for two (2) years thereafter, the second party shall not encourage or solicit any employee of the First Party, independent contractor, vendor, or client of the First Party to leave or terminate its relationship with the First party for any reason. Any loss incurred in the company due to the influence, manipulation, or encouragement of second parties will be borne by the second party with a minimum of 100,000 AED (hundred Thousand AED) fines or the other loss amount acquired in the company (whichever is greater in amount).
III). The Second Party agrees not to directly or indirectly hire First Party employees or influence to transfer the sponsorship to them or within their relatives/company/friends. The Second Party may apply for this to be done with the following exceptions:
 1. Receiving written approval from the First Party;
 2. Receiving an amount of AED 15,000 and NOC received from the company. 
 3. After the employee has not worked for more than two years with the company.

NOTE: To maintain a safe and productive environment for our professionals, we kindly request your cooperation in refraining from instructing them to clean unreachable areas within your residence. These areas may include places that are challenging to access or pose potential safety hazards. Additionally, we kindly ask that clients refrain from requesting services like Car Washing, Outdoor Cleaning, Gardening, Swimming Pool Cleaning.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that once our services have been initiated, requests for breaks or holds due to festivities such as Ramadan or extended vacations cannot be entertained. If you wish to temporarily suspend the service, we require prior notice and termination of the contract. Upon your availability to resume the service, a new contract may need to be initiated, and additional onboarding charges may apply. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. For further details, refer to the contract or contact our customer service team.